BackroomCastingCouch Maddie

The second Jake sees those shitty tats he knows – there WILL be anal. Maddie is just 18 and clearly a champion at making dumb decisions. Huge tats and not pushing away the dinner plate every once in a while are a bad combo for a teen who wants to break into porn But hey, YOLO, right? Fuck that, this girl gets ass-punished today either way. She’s all whiny about it in the interview from a past bad experience. Well, tough luck, girl, you want to break into porn with teen cellulite and what looks like 80s metal album covers on your body, you better fucking take it in the ass

The first person who complains that it’s yet another anal creampie and how normal creampie is better or how swallow is better, or how xyz cum is better, gets banned from commenting. It’s like there’s always someone getting all pissy about where the cum goes. This time we got another anal creampie. Sorry, but sometimes you just want to cum and aren’t thinking about where you came last time. Next week it’s probably a normal creampie or cum swallow. Then someone’s going to complain about THAT. We’re trying to please everyone, and change it up, but it’s getting REALLY old when every damn update someone complains about the cum not going into his favorite orifice.

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