Office Obsession-The Measure of a Man Stella Cox

Client administration is the thing that sets Stella Cox’s tailor benefit separated, her hands-on way to deal with satisfying any client who comes in searching for a suit made-to-gauge. At the point when Kai Taylor strolled into her shop, a frisson of suggestive longing undulated through Stella’s groin, and she simply needed to get her hands on his athletic body that exact moment. Stella held it together sufficiently long to draw her measuring tape over his wide back, yet when she pulled the tape up his leg, she focused on the state of his chicken protruding against his trousers. When Stella got her hands on Kai’s great cockerel, she needed to check whether she could deepthroat every last bit, then she let Kai facefuck her mouth. Observe how Kai topped Stella off, her enormous characteristic boobs bobbing as she street his chicken on the floor of her workshop!





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